The Blinded American Veterans Foundation realizes that the blind and visually impaired veterans we serve take pride in the flag of the United States.  We willingly acknowledge the opportunities that have been afforded under these colors and the guaranteed rights of the people that reside under those beautiful broad stripes and bright stars.  The Blinded American Veterans Foundation’s goal with this program is twofold.  First, we hope to ensure that unserviceable flags are replaced with new high-quality flags and the unserviceable flags that get replaced are retired in a manner compliant to the United States flag code.  Second, the Blinded American Veterans Foundation is providing new flags and has created a network of volunteers to assist blind and visually impaired veterans in replacing the unserviceable flags in the neighborhoods in which they reside.  These veterans will be connected with volunteers and taken into their communities to identify unserviceable flags that need to be replaced.  They will also be assisted in retiring those unserviceable flags and replacing them with a new flag so that those families and businesses can continue to proudly display the colors of the United States. 

We would like to encourage volunteers for this program as we have all come to realize that being isolated at home with nothing to do is a great strain on anyone mental health.  If you are interested in participating in this program as either a blind veteran or a volunteer please Click Here and you will be taken to a contact form.  Please complete the contact form and a representative of the Blinded American Veterans Foundation will reach out to help assist. 

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