The purpose of the Blinded American Veterans Foundation’s grant program is to assist employees of the Veterans Administration’s Blind Rehabilitation Services with budget shortfalls.  In the past these grants have been used for a number of different reasons.  Some have gone to improve and increase access to computer training for blind and visually impaired veterans.  Funds have also been used for outreach to help bring other blind and visually impaired veterans into the fold so that they may receive resources for the VA’s Blind Rehabilitation Services.  Other requests have been for community outings and refreshments for the VA’s Visual Impairment Services support groups.  If you are an employee of the VA’s BRS we encourage you to apply for a $500 grant from the Blinded American Veterans Foundation.  We are always delighted to see the innovative ways in which these funds have been used. 

Thank you for your application.  Please complete all of the fields on this form.  You will be contacted by one of our team members within a few business days of our receipt of your application.

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